Yoga & Upcoming Retreats
Yoga Shala

Your group has access to our gorgeous outdoor yoga shala. The shala comfortably fits 25 students.

The shala has wood floors, and is shaded by a handful of old-growth trees. Our shala has sliding doors and is a 1 minute walk from the house. It’s especially wonderful for morning practice, as the sunrise comes behind the mountains.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Be InMotion

Dates: February 9th-12th 2024  

Join Daphne Zahara for an unforgettable experience. This retreat begins on a new moon in Aquarius. New Moons bring fresh energy which make it a perfect time to start anew.

This retreat isn’t just about self-discovery; it’s about connecting with others, feeling seen, welcomed, and becoming a part of something greater than ourselves.

This unique retreat offers you the chance to move your body in space, expand your horizons (both inside and out), tap into your intuitive self, and explore a new way of being.

Book here: SOLD OUT 

Spring Retreat 

Dates: March 7- 10th, 2024

Join Jen and Madonna, co-founders of The Atrium Yoga Studio for a revitalizing yoga retreat this spring, where the soothing element of water guides our journey.

Dive into our unique water-focused activities - a refreshing Waterfall Hike, an invigorating Ice Bath workshop, and a soul-cleansing Temazcal ceremony.This unique retreat program in the beautiful Mexican countryside allows you to deepen your practice and expand your yogic knowledge.

We invite you to be open to new experiences as you discover the charm of Malinalco, a hidden gem amongst the mountains of Mexico.

Book Now: $1,800