Nature & Adventure
Sound Healing

Experience an inner journey guided by the sounds of crystal bowls, chimes, drums, gongs and rainsticks all with varying frequencies and vibrations each resonating with different parts of the body. Fall into a state of total relaxation where healing and a deep connection to your intuition takes place. A powerful medicine that will harmonize your entire body, mind and spirit

Cacao Ceremony

A beautiful ancient tradition of a heart-opening and healing ceremony. The cacao, the seed we make our chocolate with, has been used as a ceremonial drink for many centuries, both the taste and the effects are magical. The
ceremony is led by a shaman who will take us on a journey to connect with our hearts. This potent yet delicate potion has the power to open our hearts and
make us live the present moment in a lighter and more subtle flow. 

Temazcal Ceremony

A ceremony to let go and experience traditional healing, while purifying your body and mind. Guided by a shaman, you will sweat out stress in a pre-Hispanic heated lodge.

Pyramid Hike

A tour to the pyramid of Malinalco, one of the most scenic pyramids ever made by the Aztecs. A place that reminds us that we are connected to nature and the astral world. The Aztecs were astounding architects, warriors, and astronomers. Their knowledge is seen in their constructions and their life’s philosophy is felt by the beauty of it.

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